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Bechstein Model IV
88 keys 7'2" Grand in a rosewood polished case, lovely instrument. circa 1902  SOLD
Overstrung 88 keys, tuned to A440 concert pitch
a lovely toned compact modern Piano by this famous maker, in a polished mahogany case.

 £ 595
Overstrung 88 keys Tuned to A440 pitch, in a polished light walnut case, circa 1970. 
Dimn H37  W139  D21

Eavestaff Pianette 
Full 7 Octave Overstrung Piano
85 keys in a Polished mahogany case
Height 38 Inches Key fall
folds flat like writing desk
very compact.

Bluthner Grand 6ft 3" 
88 keys in a ebonised case, with turned legs circa 1912.
Has the famous Bluthner Patent action and the aliquot

Circa 1912, 88 keys, a fine overstrung in a polished mahogany case.
Dimn 160w x 67d x 137h cm
Ser no 47484
Steinway Verte Upright 
Circa 1897, in a polished mahogany case, superb instrument and fully reconditioned, click link to listen


Overstrung piano in a mahogany case, tuned to A440 pitch 
Dimn 140w x 54d x 104h cm
Bluthner model 11 Baby Grand circa 1930's re polished
in a mahogany finish, 88 keys superb tone and touch 
Paul Gerrard
Circa 1930's, 85 keys, in a mahogany case, a good first piano at a budget price. at A440 pitch
action overhauled
Dimn 144w x 61d x 125h cm
Tuned to A440 Pitch

Circa 1958, 88 keys, overstrung in a polished mahogany case, beautiful tone & touch.
140w x 60d x 117h 
serial number 76962

Bechstein model B
Circa 1914, 88 ivory keys, 201 cm long in a polished rosewood case. The piano has had a full restring and action overhaul, in excellent condition. Click link to listen


Circa 1914, overstrung, 85 keys in an ebonised polished case, ivory keyboard. Click link to listen
Ser No 89011
Dimn 150w x 60d x 124h cm
4'6" Baby Grand piano in a polished mahogany case, 88 keys, at A440 pitch. Click link to listen

ECKART of Berlin
Overstrung, 85 keys, in a polished walnut case
Ser No 9141
Dimn 153w x 64d x 130h cm

Bechstein Model II (7) Circa 1889, 88 keys, in a polished rosewood case, in excellent condition throughout, click link to listen
Ser No 21328
Dimn 162w x 66d x 136h cm
Ed Westermeyer 

Ideal starter piano, 85 ivory keys, overstrung, in a mahogany case, click link to listen
Dimn 150w x 66d x 128h cm


Circa 1980, in a mahogany case, 88 keys, 3 pedals, compact modern upright, nice tone and touch, click link to listen
Serial No 753975

Dimn 132w x 49d x 109h cm

Overstrung 85 keys in a high polished mahogany case.
Click link to listen
Dimn 137w x 54d x 111h cm

Circa 1980, in a satin polish mahogany case, 88 keys, first class British piano, click link to listen
Dimn 143w x 121h x 61d cm


Circa 1925, overstrung, in a satin mahogany case, 85 keys, 2 pedals, super tone & touch, very responsive action, click link to listen

Dimn 148w x 62d x 129h cm



Upright in a burr walnut case, 85 keys.
Dimn 143w x 63d x 130h cm

Overstrung tuned to A440 pitch in a mahogany case click link to listen

Dimn 140w x 54d x 104h cm




Overstrung in a mahogany case click link to listen

Dimn 150w x 62d x 122h cm



Hermann Meyer Overstrung, 88 keys, with a 3rd practice pedal, in a bright polished mahogany case, click link to listen

Dimn 146w x 60d x 112h cm



Bentley model 85 C 
In a light walnut case, 85 keys
Dimn 140w x 62d x 126h cm

Monington & Weston

Overstrung upright piano in a dark mahogany case, 85 keys, click link to listen.

Tuned to A440 pitch

Dimn 137w x 50d 118h cm



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