Anglesey Music Company

Challen 5ft Baby Grand 
in a satin mahogany case 88 keys tuned to A440 Concert pitch, superb tone and touch.

Samick SU127
made for Cranes Music a first class 88 key 3 pedal piano in a polished mahogany case
127cm tall giving a quality tone.
Overstrung 88 keys, tuned to A440 concert pitch
a lovely toned compact modern Piano by this famous maker, in a polished mahogany case.
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 £ 495 
Eavestaff Pianette 
Full 7 Octave Overstrung Piano
85 keys in a Polished mahogany case
Height 38 Inches Key fall
folds flat like writing desk
very compact.
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Circa 1958, 88 keys, overstrung in a polished mahogany case, beautiful tone & touch.
140w x 60d x 117h 
serial number 76962
Click link to listen

4'6" Baby Grand piano in a polished mahogany case, 88 keys, at A440 pitch. Click link to listen

ECKART of Berlin
Overstrung, 85 keys, in a polished walnut case
Ser No 9141
Dimn 153w x 64d x 130h cm

Bechstein Model II (7) Circa 1889, 88 keys, in a polished rosewood case, in excellent condition throughout, click link to listen
Ser No 21328
Dimn 162w x 66d x 136h cm
Ed Westermeyer 

Ideal starter piano, 85 ivory keys, overstrung, in a mahogany case, click link to listen
Dimn 150w x 66d x 128h cm

Overstrung 85 keys in a high polished mahogany case. Click link to listen
Dimn 137w x 54d x 111h cm
Circa 1980, in a satin polish mahogany case, 88 keys, first class British piano, click link to listen
Dimn 143w x 121h x 61d cm

Circa 1925, overstrung, in a satin mahogany case, 85 keys, 2 pedals, super tone & touch, very responsive action, click link to listen

Dimn 148w x 62d x 129h cm



Overstrung tuned to A440 pitch in a mahogany case click link to listen

Dimn 140w x 54d x 104h cm



Overstrung in a mahogany case click link to listen

Dimn 150w x 62d x 122h cm


Monington & Weston

Overstrung upright piano in a dark mahogany case, 85 keys, click link to listen.

Tuned to A440 pitch

Dimn 137w x 50d 118h cm


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